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More Seguin puppy

I hope the puppy keeps the name Midnight and someone refers to the dogs as the m&ms.

Alternately, is acquiring a puppy part of his serious relationship playbook?

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It also helps that you have two non-fannish friends that encouraged your interest in hockey over Sunday lunches.

Well, yes, you too, but it was the narrative that got me interested in it. (I don’t know why Brad never showed me 24/7. He knows how much I love things with montages.)

Anonymous said: could you tell us anything more about the AGally/Prusty mpreg? your stuff is always great, and this leaves me intrigued. sorry to bother!

♥ Aww, thank you.

Brandon is not pleased that (a) Alex was gone when he woke up in the morning and (b) he’s pregnant when no one in his family has ever been a carrier.

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FAKE DATING AHHHHHHH! Also, more AGally/Prust in any form, yes.

Fake dating! I’ve had a lot of fun with the parts of that I’ve written, but I have to go back and fill in the middle, which I’m not as sure about.

AGally/Prust is my current OTP, and everything I’ve worked on or written snippets of this week has been about them, so yes to more about them.

If you ever need a very supportive cheerleader for the househusbands fic, I volunteer.

♥ One of the things that makes me not want to give up on ever writing this story is that so many people have been so encouraging about it and interested in it.

oh god I want all of these, especially Bollig/Shaw and fake dating. What’s the one where Abby has had enough? Please say it ends with her matchmaking. I wish I could like this multiple times. <3

I love the Bollig/Shaw one, but it needs so much work. I have to rewrite the beginning (and I would much rather write than rewrite) and I think I have to do research I don’t want to do for the middle. We’ll see if I ever do that or just wip amnesty it someday.

Fake dating: I kind of wish someone else would write it so I could just read it. The Gallys pretend to date and Brandon is horribly jealous even though he knows it’s fake.

Uh, I don’t know if the Abby Sharp story will ever get finished or posted if I do finish it, although I’m enjoying thinking about and writing it. There’s no matchmaking. It’s a story where Abby has had enough and takes the kids to go stay with her parents.

I pretty much love everything you say. I only like trope inversions when there is still a happy ending, but it seems rare that that happens. I agree hockey rpf needs more soulbonding! Soulbonds for everyone!

I think about tropes like fairy tales: I love fairy tale retellings, but only ones that take the fairy tale seriously. I like things that play around with the details of tropes, but only the ones that take the tropes themselves seriously.

But, yes, soulbonds for everyone!

I seriously want to draw hearts and stars around these…they all sound wonderful

Aww, thanks. ♥

I’ve had that same thing happen to me, before, where once I figure out some key part of a story, I no longer have the gumption to actually type it all up.
I think it’s that I find telling the story interesting, and once I tell the part of the story I really care about, I tend to lose interest.
So who do you yearn to see more soulbonding for?

Do I have to pick anyone specifically? Because I love soulbonding (although not trope inversions) and would read soulbonding about pretty much anyone (this also goes for werewolf mates and A/B/O style meant to be things). My current OTP is AGally/Prusty, so I would read soulbonding about them. Or Gallys/Prusty three-way soulbonding. I would also be into Sid/Ovi soulbonding.

More generally, I would read soulbonding where the world will rearrange itself to facilitate a bond when the time is right. So if someone gets traded, maybe they’re just being traded for hockey/business reasons, but maybe they’re getting traded because the universe is sending them to the person they’re supposed to bond with. Or if they don’t get a contract, maybe it’s because the universe is opening up space for them to go live with whoever they’re supposed to soulbond with.

I would also love platonic soulbonding, like Player A and Player B are soulbonded but Player A is straight and the pairing for the story is actually Player B/Player C.

that is SO ACCURATE it hurts. like. tyler acting out because everyone around him was bonded! he was alone and just wanted to FEEL SOMETHING with ANYONE! so he partied! AND THEN HE GETS TRADED. AND THEN BOOM! SOULBOND.

Awww, Tyler. Or he was happy partying and didn’t need a soulbond, and it surprised him how much he loves being bonded.

(I, uh, have to admit to having read a bunch of snippets recently that vilified Tyler’s dudes, and I don’t think his past has to have been bad for his present/future to be great.)



Pre-Game - Brandon Bollig - 26.09.14 - (x)

I have watched the first fifteen seconds of this video twice because there’s just grinning and nipples and so much going on that I had to stop. 

I am going to reblog this and then try to get further.

Also I would just like to note that my phone refuses to download the Calgary flames calendar, which I feel is some sort of cosmic commentary on my life, tbh.   

His beard and his blushy little round cheeks!

jenn22xoxo said: Any plans for upcoming fics? I always get so excited when I see that you've posted new fics on AO3!

Aww, thank you! ♥ I don’t promise that I will finish any of these or that I won’t take a side trip into some other story, but here’s my current WIP list:

  • AGally/Prusty dating.
  • AGally/Prusty mpreg.
  • The one where Abby Sharp has had enough.
  • AGally/Prusty Gallys fake dating.
  • Bollig/Shaw kink fic.
  • And also some short The Killing feeeeeeelings fic. (Which is why I’m rewatching the show from the beginning.)
There’s not nearly enough soulbonding, although there’s been an uptick lately. I do love a good soulbonding story and really, the way these guys act about it each other, it really isn’t a stretch.

So much less soulbonding than I was promised! And, yeah, not a stretch at all. The only reason soulbonding isn’t the official story about Segs and Jamie is that soulbonding isn’t a real thing.